Girl Meets World; World Vomits

I watched the Girl Meets World premiere hoping that it would bring back the charm and heart of its namesake to the otheriwse completely vapid options on the Disney Channel. I was sorely disappointed.

"Girl Meets World" really took the Disney Channel trend of disrespecting adults to a new low. She flagrantly spits in her father's face showing not even a modicum of respect or consideration for him. He's no better, giggling and guffawing along with the kids, letting them walk all over him.

Making Cory the teacher was absolutely the wrong decision. The writers obviously wanted him as the Teacher to carry on the Mr. Feeny legacy and give him lots of screen time, but they set up what will inevitably amount to an incredibly awkward dynamic (which has already been set up with the preview: "My teacher did X" ... "Your dad did what?!" [audience laughs]). Given that she already doesn't have any respect for her father as father or teacher this doesn't bode well for any adult-child interactions throughout the remainder of the series.

Its one thing for a child to speak up and be vocal in a classroom. Its an entirely different thing for them to treat the classroom like their personal stage, performing for their peers at the constant expense of their teacher (who apparently has nothing of substance to teach anyways - down with homework which is lame "because").

This is not "Girl Meets World". This is just another Disney Channel series continuing on the ever-more-perverse tradition established by Hannah Montanna of trite reused plot-lines populated by talentless fame-whoring pre-pubescent beasties kicking around bobble-headed adults.

The only respite to all of this is seeing (not hearing) the original cast members and a brief moment with Mr. Feeny, the only cast member in the show remotely resembling an actual adult.

Hopefully like the apparently deceased Mr. Feeny (who, in all likelihood was lynched by a group of overzealous tweens after he told them "no" for the first time in their lives), this show will soon meet its end.