Updated Evernote for Web: Brilliant Design

So Evernote just updated the design for its Web App, and its really quite stunning. The design isn't just great by comparison, its great design period.

Take a look at this quick video I put together showing off the interface.

An elegant combination of simple and robust. The new design seriously cuts down on visual clutter by grouping related actions together while they remain readily accessible. The real beuaty of the design is that it has simplified in a way that actually makes the tool more useful.

Surface what is needed when its needed. Its easy for a piece of software to become overlwheming with what's going on under the hood. Evernote is no exception.

Evernote is a solid note-taking tool, and so much more. I've been using Evernote for 5 years, and I have well over 3,000 notes in it. Everything from work notes to articles I've enjoyed online to recipes I liked. I'm not being paid to promote them, but I'm going to anyways. Its a great app and its free. You should definitely give it a try if you haven't already.

I hope we see changes like this coming into their desktop and mobile apps soon. The apps are already great, but the kinds of changes they made here would be incredibly useful for more than just the web.

Old Version

A screenshot of the old version from the evernote blog for reference: